Future Fund

What is the Headland Golf Club Future Fund?

The Future Fund is a special fund established by the club to receive donations and bequests from members, and managed in such a way that it will grow through the years thereby creating the opportunity for the club to undertake large scale intergenerational projects.

• It is a highly effective way of accumulating extra funds for large, long lived projects that would otherwise be out of financial reach.

Why have a Future Fund?
For many members, Headland Golf Club has been an important and valuable part of their life….in some cases for decades.
• Members have spent countless hours through the years enjoying the physical activity, competition, beautiful surroundings and friendship – all benefits of belonging to this special golf club.
• Many members place great value and importance on what club membership has given them.
• The club’s success to date has been due largely to the passion and extraordinary number of volunteer hours contributed by key members, along with generous sponsorship of events.
• The Future Fund provides a logical progression, offering another option, creating the opportunity to benefit from the joy of giving back and the growing focus on philanthropy in our community.

The Future Fund provides members with a mechanism to donate funds that will be used to improve the club for the benefit of members and future generations.
• It is likely that some members whose lives have been enhanced by their experiences and relationship with the club and its members over many years would consider the concept of a Future Fund to be very attractive, especially if they have the capacity to contribute. It is a way to give back and enhance
the club’s future.

Members may wish to contribute to the Future Fund by making a bequest or through donations.
• Some members may like the idea of making a donation (large or small) while they are alive, and witnessing the impact of their generosity in seeing the fund grow.
• Others may prefer the concept of leaving a permanent legacy (their mark) by making provision by way of a bequest.
• Donors can remain anonymous or receive recognition according to their wishes. Donors will be encouraged to give ‘no strings’ donations. However, if they have a clear wish for their donation to go towards redevelopment of the clubhouse, or towards a major course project, that will be respected.
• A facility will be created for donors to make their gift in memory of a friend or family member. In these cases a short story and photo will be added to a special section of the club website.

How does the Future Fund work?
The Future Fund is a vehicle overseen by the Club’s Board and promoted by a Future Fund Committee.
• Members of the Future Fund Committee will work to build support for the Future Fund. The Committee is chaired by Club Patron Simon Whittle and includes the President, Finance Director, and General Manager as ex-officio members, as well as a number of individual members.

Future Fund moneys will be invested and quarantined for use on intergenerational projects.
• Money in the Future Fund will be accounted for separately and will be invested conservatively.
• To meet its intergenerational vision, any Future Fund project would be more than $1 million for clubhouse projects and more than $500,000 for course projects.
• Money in the fund will be accumulated until a critical mass of some $2 million is reached (or until 2026, whichever is the earlier).
• The Headland Golf Club Board will propose the projects on which Future Fund money is spent. These projects must be approved by a majority of members at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, as per the Articles of Association with respect to large capital projects.
• Donations to the Future Fund will be tax deductable if made via the Australian Sports Foundation. Simply click here go to Australian Sports Foundation website.



As well as individual contributions, the Club will endeavour to expand the Future Fund.
• The Headland Golf Club board is committed to regular contributions to the fund to ensure it grows.
• Careful and conservative investment will see the fund grow over the long term.

The right model to secure a great future for the club
The Future Fund is the perfect way to undertake large scale high cost visionary projects without impacting the club’s normal operating position
• Visionary thinking throughout the club’s past has ensured its growth and success. This same visionary thinking will maintain our reputation as leaders in our field and help secure our future.

If you like the Future Fund concept or would like more information, please talk to the General Manager, or any member of the Future Fund Committee.


Future Fund Committee
- Simon Whittle (Club Patron and Sub-Committee Chairman) 5477 1452 or 0408 721 568
- Jon Welch (Club President) 0414 401 091
- Michael Thomas (Club Finance Director) 0413 014 735
- Ben Dobson (Club General Manager) 07 5444 5800
- Linda Darnell 5326 1328
- James Kidd 0402 835 395
- Phil Martin 5476 7285
- Carol Quin 0400 900 732