Dress Policy

Headland Golf Club Dress Policy

The Code offers members and guests a relaxed welcoming environment, while maintaining standards which reflect respect and pride in the Club.

On the Golf Course
Golf shirts, dress shorts or slacks, and golf shoes with socks for men and women, plus golf skirts for women. Shirts may be worn tucked in or outside the waistband.

In the Clubhouse
Neat, smart clothing is required at all times. The following are unacceptable:
· Torn, ripped or soiled clothing
· Singlets
· Sleeveless shirts for men
· Exposed midriffs
· Shirts with offensive slogans or images
· Swimwear or beach clothes
· Bare feet
· Hats

Note: Service may be refused if the apparel worn does not fit these parameters or is judged to be untidy or is in any way inappropriate.